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Elected Officers
President - Bob Herbst
Vice President - Mike McDonald
Recording Secretary - Dennis Murphy
Financial Secretary - Harry Green
Treasurer - 
Terry McGraw
Chairman of the Standing Committee - EJ Lydon
Marshal - Tim Gormley
Sentinel - Bill Benedict


Chaplain - Deacon Chuck Lewis

Trustee - George Marrer.

Historian - Mike Campbell

Pro-Life Chair - Bill Benedict,

F.F.A.I. - Jim Mohr,

Cathloic Action - Dennis Murphy,

Missions and Charities - Tom Coughlin Jr.,

Political Education - 

Past President - Tom Coughlin Jr.

Organizer - Tom McGann,

Veterans Affairs - Greg Walpole,

Immigration - Bill Conway

Public Relations - 

Hibernian Hunger Project - Tom Coughlin, Sr.,

Project St. Patrick - Jack Schneider,

Recruitment - Terry McGraw & Tom McGann.

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